Our Story

The name, of course, signifies the lovable Sherpa (or legendary mountaineers) of Nepal (remember Tenzing Norgay)The crux of Lil Sherpa is based on a simple notion, one which brings you closer to nature and the culture of Nepal.
Ever experienced the gust of memories through simple smell, touch, or sight? Lil’ Sherpa is all about the hands that sustain this art form, the women, and the community of Nepal. The native craft & a mindful holistic living has resulted in Lil’ Sherpa.Nepal, the “Himalayan Nation”, a gem nestled as an abode of snow, is a land with humble local culture, the indomitable Gurkhas and sharp Khukris. Nepal is a melting pot of world culture where travelers across the globe come, see and soak the native tastes, art, and craft.

We seek indulgence by bridging the gap between this beautiful landlocked country, where the people are warm & comforting, to the world through sustainable living by featuring our handmade, Eco-friendly products.
With a portfolio that boasts off stationery to home Decor, we also have a line of hand crushed  wellness products.

Lil’ Sherpa : What it stands for

With very little access to the digital economy, local artisans are yet to leverage the umpteen opportunities a market like India can provide with its new crop of evolved and Eco-sensitive consumers

Lil Sherpa through this platform would like to bring forth the richness of Nepalese handicrafts and help shape the future of small scale entrepreneurs, their families, who make a compelling case with their hard work, dedication, and staying true to the craft.