Tips for caring for your gold-plated jewelry:

Tips for caring for your gold-plated jewelry:
Gold-plated jewelry is a type of fashion jewelry where a thin layer of gold is electroplated onto a base metal, typically brass in our case. This outer layer of gold gives the jewelry the appearance of solid gold, without the exorbitant cost.
To maintain the lustrous allure of your gold-plated jewelry, adhere to these elegant care guidelines:
1. Water Evasion: Prioritize the removal of your gold-plated jewelry before engaging in activities involving water, such as swimming, bathing, or culinary endeavors, as such encounters may hasten tarnishing.
no to checmicals while wearing jewelry
2.Shield from Chemicals: Exercise vigilance in preventing contact with substances like perfumes, lotions, and cleaning agents, as their chemical compositions have the potential to deteriorate the delicate gold plating. Use them and wait for 5-7 minutes before adorning your jewelry pieces.
Store jewelry in a air tight pouchstore jewelry in a tight jewelry box
3.Discerning Storage: Poshly safeguard your jewelry by storing each piece individually, within a plush pouch or box, to forestall unsightly scratches or     entanglements. You would receive both pouch and box from our end to ensure the safety of your jewelry. 
4.Delicate Cleansing: Employ a soft, damp cloth to delicately cleanse your jewelry, abjuring abrasive materials or rigorous cleaning agents that might mar its pristine sheen.
5.Rotation Regimen: Should your collection be ample, adroitly rotate your pieces, bestowing upon each a respite from constant wear, thus extending their collective longevity.
6.Replenishment by Replating: Over the course of time, the gold plating may naturally erode. In such instances, consider entrusting your cherished jewelry to the skilled hands of a professional jeweler for a revitalizing re-plating, thereby restoring its opulent radiance.
Follow these steps and see how your gold plated jewelry lasts for a longer time . 
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