Peepal Wood

Wood carving with Peepal is hand in glove with the art and architecture of Nepal from centuries.Passed among generations this craftsmanship with Peepal tree wood has graced Monasteries, temples, palaces and daily life of Nepal.

Sacred and auspicious among the 3 major religions Jainism, Buddhism & Hinduism and native to the South Asian subcontinent , this tree is used in beams and columns, windows and doors, home decor and souvenirs.Often related to Yama, the god of death, Peepal tree wood comes back to life with masterpieces by the local artisan skills. Ironic and Iconic.

Fun fact: Mostly unchanged through time the wood work uses traditional tools, no gum and nails.The Himalayan mask from our roster, made out of Peepal wood throws light into the native culture, mythical creatures, and religious deities.The process of carving the masks can take few hours to days depending on the size and complexity of the design.Once the carving is complete the mask must dry to the sun for a week or two making sure that both sides are exposed evenly. This process may require more time during the monsoon season because of the higher humidity and less sunshine.Then after two or three days each artwork is exposed to the 'smoking process' that soften the colors and gives to the masks an antique look.