Multi-Coloured Collage Journal

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This Collage Journal signifies the modern art of using various prints and color combinations to have an in-depth understanding of art and have an artistic visualization and approach to it. It was introduced by Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque to create innovative art and is since then a very popular form of art. The beautiful combination of handmade  Lokta Paper and collage artwork helps you see your inner life in a fresh way and also helps you develop creativity, imagination, and coordination.

  • MaterialLokta Paper
  • Weight: 107-235 gm. All our products are handcrafted, hence weight might vary.
  • Size: (L) L*W=21.2 *15.2 cm ; (M) L*W=18.5 cm*13.5 cm ; (S) L*W=15 cm*12 cm
  • Delivery: 5-7 days
  • Sheets : (L) 46-50 ,(M) 40-45 ,(S) 35-40